Installing Yii in wamp on Windows XP
I was successful in installing Yii in wamp on Windows XP .
The versions are as follows:
Operating System : Windows XP Professional Version 2002 , Service Pack 2
Apache : 2.2.8
PHP : 5.2.6
MYSQL : 5.0.51b
Yii : 1.1.0 (January 10 2010)
Follow the following steps for installation:
1) Click on “Start”
2) goto “My Computer”

3) Right Click and select Properties

4) You will see “System Properties” window

5) Select “Advanced”tab

6) In “Advanced” tab, click on “Environment Variables”

7) Select “Path” in “System Variables” section

8) Click on “Edit” on selevtion “Path” in “System Variables” section

9) “Edit System Varibale” window will appear with “Variable name” and “Variable value” fields

10) Enter “C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.6″ at the end without double quotes.

11) Click on OK, OK and OK.

13) Click on Start > Run > cmd

14) It will take you to the command prompt

15) C:\>cd wamp\www

16) C:\wamp\www>mkdir myYii (myYii is the name of the application you want)

17) C:\wamp\www>cd yii\framework

18) C:\wamp\www\yii\framework> yiic webapp c:\wamp\www\myYii

Create a Web application under ‘C:\wamp\www\myYii’? [Yes|No] y

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/assets

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/css

generate css/bg.gif

generate css/form.css

generate css/ie.css

generate css/main.css

generate css/print.css

generate css/screen.css

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/images

generate index-test.php

generate index.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected

generate protected/.htaccess

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/commands

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/commands/shell

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/components

generate protected/components/Controller.php

generate protected/components/UserIdentity.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/config

generate protected/config/console.php

generate protected/config/main.php

generate protected/config/test.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/controllers

generate protected/controllers/SiteController.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/data

generate protected/data/schema.mysql.sql

generate protected/data/schema.sqlite.sql

generate protected/data/testdrive.db

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/extensions

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/messages

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/models

generate protected/models/ContactForm.php

generate protected/models/LoginForm.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/runtime

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/tests

generate protected/tests/bootstrap.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/tests/fixtures

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/tests/functional

generate protected/tests/functional/SiteTest.php

generate protected/tests/phpunit.xml

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/tests/report

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/tests/unit

generate protected/tests/WebTestCase.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/views

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/views/layoutsv

generate protected/views/layouts/main.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/views/sitev

generate protected/views/site/contact.php

generate protected/views/site/error.php

generate protected/views/site/index.php

generate protected/views/site/login.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/protected/views/site/pages

generate protected/views/site/pages/about.php

generate protected/yiic

generate protected/yiic.bat

generate protected/yiic.php

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes/classic

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes/classic/views

generate themes/classic/views/.htaccess

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes/classic/views/layouts

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes/classic/views/site

mkdir C:/wamp/www/myYii/themes/classic/views/system

Your application has been created successfully under C:\wamp\www\myYii.

Thats all. You are ready to use your application by accessing the URL : http://localhost/myYii/

How to install YII framework with xampp?

First download framework YII from the site http://www.yiiframework.com/download/


1.Unzip the zip file and put in to your local server’s root (i.e www or htdocs)

2.Open command prompt and set path till php.exe like
path = %path% E:\xampp\php

3.Now go to path where your frame work directory is located like.
E:\>cd xampp
E:\xampp>cd htdocs
E:\xampp\htdocs>cd yii

4.Run command to create application based on yii.
E:\xampp\htdocs\yii>framework\yiic webapp E:\xampp\htdocs\application_name

in 4th point “framework\yiic webapp” is command while
“E:\xampp\htdocs\application_name” is path where your application is being installed.

5.Press enter after doing above things and it will ask for following
Create a Web application under ‘E:\xampp\htdocs\application_name’? [Yes|No] y

6.Press Enter and all the necessary files will be created under

7.At last you will get message
Your application has been created successfully under E:\xampp\htdocs\application_name.

8.URL to access this webapp is http://localhost/application_name/

Hope this help all.

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